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New Year

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Roses 50sm x 9
Декор x 15
Крафт x 1
Нобилис x 3
Черничник "заснеженный" x 5
Лента атлас x 1
Морозный вечер
Free shipping

Bouquet of roses and nobilis with the addition of New Year decor and "snow-covered" bilberry

4440 руб.
илекс x 9
Крафт x 1
Кустовая роза x 15
Пихта x 11
Хлопок x 15
Лента атлас x 1
Free shipping

A beautiful bouquet in a red and white range of bush roses, bright berries and fir

9600 руб.
Free shipping

Basket of champagne, candies and small firs

3500 руб.
Универсальная корзина
Free shipping

Tender bouquet of tulips with the addition of bergrass greenery

3000 руб.

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